People spend countless hours learning presentation software, yet still struggle to create engaging presentations. The result is cluttered slides and bored audiences. Our workshops enable you to think differently and communicate more effectively.

It is an unfortunate truth that googling "death by PowerPoint" returns many millions of search results. We've all suffered through bad presentations full of clutter, resulting in boredom, confusion, or at least eyestrain.


This 2-hour workshop helps you create higher-impact, better-looking slides by learning to "see" your information and then apply different ways to visually support and punctuate key points.


We review:


  • Avoiding common slide design problems that lead to loss of audience engagement
  • Looking at information and determining how to represent it more visually
  • How to create more impact with less clutter, to make your content memorable
  • Best practices for using photos, illustration, shapes, diagrams, tables, charts, and typography


We then apply these concepts via interactive group exercises. Using the techniques of visual storytelling, you can create presentations your audience will remember (positively) after your meeting is over.


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"Everything included was something that I could apply to my daily routine. They provided simple ways to make a huge difference, [and] a jump drive with key reference materials, links, etc. to help apply

learnings right away. Really

made everything actionable."


"It was very relevant to requests

I get in my role. I really liked

the examples and solutions provided so we could clearly

see how to improve."


"This session was a must the team

in basic and applicable ways

to create more engaging presentations for the client. Everything was really easy

to follow and could be implemented immediately."


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