For many years, members of the Ministry of Presentations have helped big global and small local organizations look their best and communicate their ideas effectively. We've helped our clients win business, keep existing accounts happy, and share research and insights in memorable ways.


Working with us gets you more than just better-looking slides. We partner with you to make your story as clear and tight as possible, which includes not just clean, high-impact visuals but the words you'll be speaking as well. We keep you from falling into bad presenter habits, such as cluttered slides, a rambling story, and looking at the screen instead of the audience, to name a few.


Of course there is more to a presentation than PowerPoint or Keynote. One of our hallmarks is creating presentations that "don't look like they were done in PowerPoint." To achieve this, we go beyond the limitations of the graphics tools of these two programs — utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, video editing, etc. to craft exactly what is needed to help your ideas shine. Minimalists of design, we believe there should be nothing on the screen while you're talking that doesn't support exactly the words coming out of your mouth in that moment.


At the end of your presentation, the best outcome is that your audience has clearly understood what you wanted to communicate, and that they will remember what you presented — in a good way.




“I really appreciate the fact that I have a partner to bounce language and ideas off of to make sure that the story we envisioned in our heads was actually being communicated clearly, simply and artistically. I can't thank you enough for your help in making pages of quantitative data look simple and sexy — it helps raise the bar for what we can do.”


— Casey Conway, VP, Planning Director, Energy BBDO




“The more strikingly visual your presentation is, the more people will remember it.

And more importantly, they will remember you.”


— Paul Arden



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