You have data — we bring it to life.

You have a message or an idea — we help you inform and persuade your audience.


From internal communications to a global new business pitch, whatever you need to present, we help you look your best

and communicate effectively.


Knowing how to use presentation software, while helpful, isn't enough — that doesn't bestow the ability to create compelling presentations, any more than having a fancy video camera makes you a Hollywood movie director. You need professional help — which is why the Ministry of Presentations was founded. With our deep expertise in visual storytelling on your side, you will do better than not inflicting "death by PowerPoint" — you will probably impress your audience. Imagine how far that might get you.





A picture is worth a thousand words — especially when projected. What a shame that the average slide default setting wants you to use a bullet-pointed list of text. We can't think of a more boring way to present information.











We know a Vice President at a large agency who bemoans the constant stream of vendors trying to sell their services, because his time is scarce and valuable. He doesn't want to sit for an hour while a vendor goes on about "leveraging best practices to maximize ROI," projecting slides packed with so much text and graphs that the audience doesn't know what to look at.



"When a presenter says 'I apologize for this eye chart,' they are actually saying 'I am too lazy to make my boring information readable.' If you've talked for half an hour and I still don't understand what you're selling, you're wasting my time and absolutely not getting my business."


You NEED a competition-killing presentation, and that goes above the basics of having pretty slides. Of course you need good design, but also good writing, a story arc and even good presenter habits.


Don't muddle through with slides full of bullet points, and a script that won't make your audience remember you (in a good way) the next day — much less give you their business.


If you want the client to buy your idea or service,  a good presentation matters — a lot.



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